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Become a Helicopter Pilot

by | Jul 11, 2023 | News

Nottingham Heliport

How to become a Helicopter Pilot, it is easy to assume that those who fly helicopters for a living have spent years training for such a career, and are part of a very select bunch of individuals that gets to enjoy such an exciting and interesting job. In reality, however, almost anyone could become a helicopter pilot, and with lessons being readily available in most areas, it is even easy to simply sign up for a single taster session to see if it is going to be for you.

However, for those who have never been in a helicopter before, the first step should be a taster flight, and with helicopter flights being available across the country at very low prices, such a flight will be easy to come by and will help give you an idea of how fun piloting a helicopter could be as well as helping you to see if you would find such a role enjoyable and interesting.

Once you have taken your first flight, the next step should be research. Those companies offering helicopter lessons in your area will need to be reputable and experienced, and once you have found the right helicopter school, all you will then need to do is book your first lesson. It is wise not to book too many at once, in case you find that you don’t take to it in the desired way. However, once you have had a few lessons and been bitten by the bug, it will be easy to sign up for a package to allow you to get your full licence in a relatively short space of time. The final step is deciding which licence to apply for, and it is here that knowing whether you want to become a helicopter pilot for flying helicopters for fun or as a potential career will be extremely important.

The whole process shouldn’t take long at all and, before you know it, you are likely to have many career or leisure pursuits opened up to you as a result.